Campus and Outside Plant Fiber Network Management

Applicable to a wide-variety of campus networks such as educational institution, hospitals, office buildings and industrial terrains PATCH MANAGER provides a complete solution for the design and management of the physical layer network assets and connectivity.

PATCH MANAGER is fully GIS-enabled and gives clear insight into the purpose and usage of every conduit, duct, sub-duct, cable, strand, patch panel, distribution frame, equipment and rack. With realistic template based modeling that maps one-to-one with the actual infrastructure, PATCH MANAGER provides infrastructure professionals with a powerful application for managing their connectivity in a simple yet effective manner.




PATCH MANAGER provides a powerful solution to map, plan, design and manage any fiber optic network infrastructure. PATCH MANAGER allows    you to establish a named optical path from one part of your network to another. Even though it comprises many elements such as fibers, splices and      ports this named circuit can be managed as a single entity within your network, and can include point-to-point connectivity between the central office, NOC or POP and a customer site.


PATCH MANAGER assists you to:

  • Generate and maintain campus map layouts
  • Design and manage your campus backbone cabling
  • Visualize the paths of cables through a campus
  • Easily manage fiber backbone availability
  • Manage cabling and assets in manholes
  • Manage fiber splicing and air blown fiber
  • Generate routes for new cables