Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

PATCH MANAGER provides a powerful solution for the management of your data center floor space, rack space, IT assets, energy and other resources with integrated end-to-end connectivity management capabilities.

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PATCH MANAGER gives clear insight into the purpose and usage of every cable by presenting data center locations, rack elevations, devices and cabling in intuitively navigable hierarchical graphical views. With realistic template based modeling that maps one-to-one with the actual infrastructure, PATCH MANAGER provides data center professionals with a powerful application for managing their connectivity in a simple yet effective manner.



Productive in no time

Gone are the days when professionals are willing to accept a tool into their work flow that is so complex that it requires considerable training and ongoing consulting services just to be usable. With PATCH MANAGER, you can be up and running in no time, with its easy to use interface based on standard conventions shielding the user from the underlying power of the application.

System Integration

To augment your current management system architecture with a ‘best-of-breed’ approach or to integrate live data (for example from SNMP sources, network management systems or device discovery tools) into the application and avoid maintaining the same data in multiple data stores, PATCH MANAGER provides an extensive API for integration with third party systems. In keeping with our philosophy of open, widely accepted standards, the API uses Web Services (via JSON/REST) technology.

pdf Connectivity and Asset Management made easy

Low cost of ownership

PATCH MANAGER seamlessly fits into your organization’s application portfolio, imposing no additional requirements. PATCH MANAGER is easy to deploy, with out of the box OS support for Windows and Linux, all popular commercial and open source database types and a standard browser based client interface. A further option that is becoming ever more popular is to take advantage of the PATCH MANAGER Software-as-a-Service or (SaaS) solution, whereby the application is instead hosted on cloudservers, completely removing the need for any installation, configuration or maintenance.

Our customers

A growing number of data centers of all shapes and sizes rely on PATCH MANAGER every day. To learn more, please explore our website and request a trial on-line to find out for your self how your data center can benefit.

PATCH MANAGER assists you to:

  • Manage your customer space in colocation data centers
  • Manage and plan your rack space usage and power consumption
  • Manage the lifecycle of your data center assets
  • Manage your data center floor space
  • Manage the impact of loss of power and network connectivity
  • Manage your ‘Moves’, ‘Adds’ and ‘Changes’ efficiently
  • Data mine your assets and connectivity for engineering and management reporting