Services & Support

Depending on your geographical location, PATCH MANAGER professional services and support are available either directly from our head office or via one of our implementation partners.

Professional Services

With powerful data migration capabilities, intuitive user interface and use of widely accepted standards for integration with third-party systems, PATCH MANAGER is designed to allow you to take ownership of the application with minimal external assistance required. That said, our implementation and integration expertise can assist you in maximizing the value of your PATCH MANAGER solution:

  • Best-practice assistance in data input and conversion of data from existing tools such as spreadsheets and legacy databases
  • Provision of assistance in integrating PATCH MANAGER with third party devices and systems such as help-desk applications, switch management systems, PBX systems and active network devices
  • Provision of customized end-user training. Courses use an operation-based learning approach and practical, hands-on exercises


Our support group provides high quality on-going assistance, responding quickly and efficiently to resolve your queries. They will also keep you informed about the latest software updates and version upgrades and ensure that you have timely access to them.