PATCH MANAGER provides an extensive REST API for system integration. This feature enables you to augment your infrastructure management system architecture with 3rd party solutions (such as network/service management systems and device discovery tools) and to integrate live data (such as SNMP data from PDUs) into the application. This avoids the need to maintain the same data in multiple data stores and provides a means for you to visualize and report on the externally retrieved data.

In addition to the infinite integrations that you can implement using the REST API, PATCH MANAGER also offers the option of the Data Integration Bridge. The Data Integration Bridge is a standard out-of-the-box tool that enables you to seamlessly synchronize data to and from external sources with PATCH MANAGER, without the need for programming. The tool supports a number of standard mechanisms for interfacing with external sources, such as SNMP devices, databases and structured files.

As an example, you can monitor and visualize your SNMP enabled door sensors and get instantly alerted if a cabinet door is opened. When the door is opened, an SNMP trap is received by the Data Integration Bridge and synchronized into PATCH MANAGER.

As another example, you can monitor and visualize the temperature trend of your SNMP enabled cabinet temperature sensors. Periodically, the Data Integration Bridge retrieves the temperature from the sensors and synchronizes this into PATCH MANAGER.

With the data synchronized into PATCH MANAGER, you can then use the full power of PATCH MANAGER’s monitoring, visualization and reporting capabilities.