PATCH MANAGER Cable and Asset Management Software

PATCH MANAGER is an enterprise software application that provides a comprehensive solution for documenting and managing changes to the physical layer connectivity and assets of your campus, building, data center or outside plant network. PATCH MANAGER gives clear insight into the purpose and usage of every cable, device and network location. With realistic modeling that maps one-to-one with the actual infrastructure, PATCH MANAGER provides network professionals with a simple to use but powerful application. A simple spreadsheet or database together with some drawing package might do the trick in small infrastructures. However, the sheer complexity involved in maintaining the cabling and assets in medium to large networks requires a more extensive tool. Failures and inconsistent use of cabling and network assets can have a major negative impact in terms of reliability, efficiency and quality of offering and can lead to significant associated costs. These problems can easily be obviated with the introduction of PATCH MANAGER.

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Versatile, Scalable and Future Proof

PATCH MANAGER is a universally applicable solution with a template-based representation of network components that enables application to a wide variety of networks. PATCH MANAGER is a scalable solution with licensing based on the size of a deployment. PATCH MANAGER serves customers large and small and Enterprise licensing is available upon request. PATCH MANAGER provides a future-proof investment that adapts to your evolving infrastructure.

Software-as-a-Service Option

PATCH MANAGER is a browser based application whereby the back end server can be deployed on Windows or Linux operating systems with out-of-the-box database support for most popular commercial and open-source database management systems. PATCH MANAGER is also available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, removing the need for any installation, configuration or maintenance.

System Integration

PATCH MANAGER provides an extensive API for integration with third party systems and devices. In keeping with our philosophy of open, widely accepted standards, the API is available via standard REST Web Services technology. Additionally a number of out-of-the box integration solutions are offered.

Mobile Application

The PATCH MANAGER Mobile Application provides an additional channel for on the go. The Mobile Application is designed for tablets and phones of various sizes and offers supports for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.The PATCH MANAGER Mobile Application is in direct contact with the central PATCH MANAGER Server and thus provides real-time access to all of the information maintained in the PATCH MANAGER System.