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The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. In today’s world, more and more things are becoming IoT devices; lightbulbs, cars, cell phones and cameras are just a few simple examples.

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With the rise of digitalization and the IoT (Internet of Things), more and more devices are connected to your network, increasing the amount of data you need to store. Seamlessly managing your network infrastructure is crucial for your organization’s operations to flow smoothly.

The Internet of Things has created endless and tremendous opportunities. Any of your office devices can be connected, making your daily operations easier and cheaper. However, it also means your network infrastructure is more complicated than ever, and thus harder to manage. Poor asset and connectivity management leads to many issues, such as downtimes or high maintenance costs. The time when spreadsheets were sufficient enough to get by on is gone! Powerful software is needed to manage your office network infrastructure more efficiently and leave no room for errors.

Manage your connectivity & assets

Effective management of your connectivity and network assets is essential to avoid downtime. Depending on the size of your infrastructure, you may need a software solution that enables you to visualize your entire cabling infrastructure and all of your office floor and equipment room assets. PATCH MANAGER is a comprehensive software solution that can do all of this. Thanks to its up-to-date and detailed model, you can easily visualize and analyze your entire cabling infrastructure, assets, and racks.



Plan & manage changes

Relying on non-specialized tools such as Excel and Visio doesn’t always allow you to plan and manage changes appropriately, which can lead to errors. With the right software solution, you can efficiently plan and manage all changes in your infrastructure, and reduce the time that you spend on maintenance. PATCH MANAGER not only leaves no room for mistakes and prevents downtime in your operations, it also considerably reduces the time and money spent on network maintenance issues. Its work orders functionality enables you to plan changes in your infrastructure, and also to keep a record of them in case a problem occurs.

Choosing the right software solution to manage your office network infrastructure may be difficult. Some products may offer a few features for managing your connectivity and network assets, but nothing can provide the benefits of a specialized tool. PATCH MANAGER has been recommended as the best cable management software solution of 2020. Our software is highly customizable to answer your specific needs. It provides many features adaptable to all kinds of organizations and network scenarios. Available as an in-house deployment or Software-as-a-Service, its implementation and use is easy. You will be up and running in no time!

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