Are you curious where the PATCH MANAGER name came from? Connectivity is at the heart of what we do, and cables are our #1 passion. In 2002, the founders realized that there was no software available to meet the standard required for accurate management of the physical layer infrastructure: its cabling, connectivity, and fundamentally its patch cabling! Already working in the industry, they knew that the inefficient and inconsistent use of cabling might lead to higher costs. That’s when (and why) they decided to use their software expertise to create a comprehensive solution to enable IT network professionals to manage and visualize patches easily. The company was created, as well as its name: Patchmanager B.V. (lower case, one word) and its product: PATCH MANAGER (upper case, separate words). Over time PATCH MANAGER became much more than a ‘patch-assistant’: it became a fully-blown cable and asset management software solution, yet the name has remained the same.

After continuous growth, a notable milestone came in 2010 when we began offering PATCH MANAGER as a SaaS deployment, providing our customers an alternative additional option to hosting the software in-house. Since then, PATCH MANAGER has become an established name when it comes to cable and asset management solutions. While some organizations concentrate on marketing and branding, we have always been dedicated to customer focus, innovation, solution excellence, and product leadership. It has led PATCH MANAGER to become an outstanding piece of software that provides solutions for the design and management of physical layer assets and cabling. The devil is in the details, and there is no other tool that handles them like PATCH MANAGER, right down to the connectors on your patch cables, or the splices between your fiber strands, with an interface that is still user-friendly and easy to use.

Our customer base has continued to widen and deepen over the years. Our solution is used by financial institutions, airports, telecommunications operators, universities, government agencies, mining companies, industrial plants, and many more. These are all large-scale organizations that often run a multi-site, even multi-national network. We don’t like to brag, but sometimes we feel the need to express our pride in being an essential tool for IT network professionals all around the world.

Customer Review

PATCH MANAGER helps our customers keep track of their network assets and plan changes in their infrastructure. Before using our solution, they often had to get by using Excel and Visio but were lacking the comprehensive overview of their physical infrastructure, which made service and maintenance a challenging task. Using PATCH MANAGER to manage an inventory of all assets and connections that define their network, they are now equipped with the necessary tools for network analysis and change planning, hence reducing the likelihood of networks issues occurring.

Looking to the future, we will always remain committed to product excellence and customer focus!

Feel free to request a personal demo . PATCH MANAGER is a scalable solution that provides many features adaptable to all kinds of organizations!